Vision and Values

Newton Moore Senior High School is a school in which students feel safe to be themselves, are challenged in an innovative environment, work as members of teams and are given opportunities to demonstrate leadership and achieve success.

Our school vision is:

“Achieving Today for Tomorrow; Knights of the Moore, we can, we will”

The focus of our school vision is the way we reflect and ensure we are preparing students for their future. We also have strong school values and like to ensure they are incorporated into everything we do.

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Everyone is considerate of the differences of others and is accepting of our diverse school culture.

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Global Awareness

Students have an increased understanding of the globalised world through improved communication and networking.

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Our students show joy, interest and enthusiasm and find school a positive experience; a place they want to be.

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Students understand the importance of working as a collaborative team and the power of the collective.

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Student’s achievements and successes are recognised and celebrated as we have a quest for excellence.